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Breaking Boundaries With D-O & Odunsi

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Don’t believe the hype, Are they really popping? forget social media, How much are they making…..The argument went on for about 10 mins as i watched my friend breakdown Industry rules and regulations and how to be “major” or mainstream. All through the conversation i kept asking myself one question. Who in this industry still cares about quality music? music that breaks sound barriers and pushes boundaries??

There are still people anyways. Most of these creatives don’t have the resources to challenge these so called industry wackos and their samankwe but they are willing to work and wait it out because they know one day with collective effort and support they will break down barriers and doors. So when Odunsi the Engine called out for support on D-O’s Footwork record, I said to myself thats exactly what they need. Strength in togetherness. Footwork was released late this year but trust me its one hell of a record. It’s not just the cathcy hook and feel it’s the vibe it brings with it, It’s different and great. and the Visuals… No Words

As for Odunsi The Engine, it’s probably just a matter of time by now. He is setting himself up so nicely for stardom that one can only applaud and admire. He has so many features under his belt and also drops gems carelessly on his page tagged “friday cruise” and the singles on that playlist are all sleeper hits. He recently dropped his new visuals to a new single titled In The Morning. Premium Galala Music for the soul.

I am sure one day the wall will crack and break….one day

Sit Back Relax and Enjoy the Awesomeness of D-O and Odunsi. Not everytime Samankwe…..Sometimes chill and vibe to awesomeness

















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