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Lady Donli

Lady Donli

Lady Donli released her Wallflower EP Friday, December 16. The 20 year old says: “My style of music can broadly be classified as neo soul, so as expected, this project is melancholic and deeply honest”.

As way of explanation for its title, a “wallflower is a shy, socially awkward person that keeps to themselves at a party or a social gathering, this project signifies the blossoming of the wallflower”.  This is elaborated upon in the SET interlude on the EP’s title track.

In its duration, she explores that of “love, depression, anxiety and insecurities”. The following clarification should just about confirm the kind of musician she is for any potential listener:

“Music isn’t just a hobby for me, which is one misconception about SoundCloud artists”.

In fact on the EP’s track, “BOBBY BOBBY”, she reckons she will clarify to you “whether I’m doing music for fun or for funds”.

All songs are mixed and mastered by Tay Iwar, Donli adding, by way of introducing the project:

“Welcome To Wallflower. The 3rd Installment to my musical journey. I do this for SAFI, and all the moon children without a voice”.


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