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Night Life’ Tales told by Olajuwon And SeunMusik

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Night Life’, a single, starring Olajuwon and Seunmusik stemmed from the need to express their thoughts on the modalities of late Nights shenanigans through their vocals!

The single, which is mid-tempo, crafted by Midebeats allows Olajuwon and Seunmusik to share similar stories intuned with girls and boys having the best nights on a regular!

The song is an existential blend of classic vibes. The blend of both artists resonates their persona in each verse. Two souls one body. A body of art in dynamism.

Listen To Nightlife: https://ampl.ink/pxLbG


You can get more updates from their socials: @ola.Juwon__and @seunmusik on instagram & @olajuwon__ and @seunmusik on twitter

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