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Join The March And End The Habit. #MarketMarch

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Growing up in Lagos as a kid you must have experienced market harassment, happens to everyone but 90% of the time women are on the receiving end especially in African local markets. I watched my mum and aunties always get whistled and caressed every time they where in these environments. These sellers always use it as excuse to sell their products but i always thought to myself, because i have also been  to other marketplaces. Lets not pretend that things can’t be sold without all this touching and groping.

Fast forward years and i am always following my girlfriend to the marketplace in neighboring African countries and and yelling at any one that tries to touch her. As a kid i couldn’t do anything but it wasn’t normal to me not even because they are women or harassment. I just believed there is absolutely no reason for physical exchanges just because you want to sell me a merchandise. what if you have a skin disease? i don’t know where you been? how many people have you even touched? how unhygienic is this?

It’s definitely a bad habits, one of our numerous bad habits which unconsciously has been accepted as a normality. 30 years later a group has emerged and are creating awareness for a morally degrading problem we have allowed and is ruining us as a society.

The importance of changing all these norms can’t be over emphasized.

Visit Their Website and join the #MarketMarch



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