Ojo – Last Summer

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Ojo Last Summer EP hits the internet and fingers crossed if he is Nigerian judging by the name.

It will just add to the already big basket of amazing Nigerian musicians popping up. Every song on Ojo Last Summer takes you to the next it flows.Something close to what Bryson Tiller’s Trapsoul did to me. Perfect Timing is a favorite plus Return to Forever also is another great song of the project. Ojo Last Summer is good,Its really good. and he has a message for everyone


‘My first project is an expression of the emotional cycle of a summer. The ups and downs of enjoying company, to resenting company, to missing company. Inspired by Summer ’16.

“Summer is a cycle. Last Summer is every summer” – Ojo

Much appreciation to everybody involved. Big thank you to T.E.A.Li, my friend and producer, GMK and Savvy for the engineering, Blues, Ese Okara, Asante, Yinoluu, Culture ’95 and Dark Martyr for the inspiration and consultation, Ellie for blessing me with the female vocals on this EP, Sunmola for the voicenote on the first track, TheGunnaVision for the cover and all those who have wished me well in the process of delivering this EP to you all.



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