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The Wisemen Crew – Spin Town

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On Spin Town, the eclectic trio dials down the noise that has clouded the industry and instead, deliver sound, soul and realism in the calmest of ways. While maintaining the fast paced tempo that drives the industry, they regulate theirs, making their mix of percussions, particularly a range of galvanic drums, chants, spacey xylophones, atmospheric keys and more come off as fascinating, just like their delivery is. Drawing inspirations from their everyday happenings and obviously unique life style, they craft out beautiful music and creating long-lasting memories toting subjects like love, lust and labor as their tools of interaction and their mesmeric diverse sound as their weapon of delivery.

Just as its title suggests, Spin Town is an epic sound adventure and colorful journey filled with diverse experiences that will leave a great impression on music lovers and take them on a sonorous ride, also taking the group a step closer to their goal.


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